A House Of Our Own

Feminists can dream, plan, grow, and carry out projects more successfully when they have a place of their own.

As the year starts, at Balance, we have decided to take a significant step and begin raising funds to buy our own house (#UnaCasaPropia).

own our house


Owning a house would mean that we could have a space to build community, and host meetings and events, bringing us closer to achieving our long-term goals. We would no longer have to invest time, money and energy in upkeep and maintenance of spaces that do not belong to us.

But we need your support to raise the rest: $250,000 USD!


50,000 USD


This illustration shows the goal of 50,000 USDbutton that says make a donation



datos para donar


Bank Account: 0014032600

CLABE: 072 180 00014032600 0

Bank: Banco Mercantil del Norte (Banorte)

Account under the name of: Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud AC


For international transactions use the following:

Correspondent/Intermediary bank: Bank of America N.A.



If you need more information or help, please reach out to us! Send us an email at relaciones@balancemx.org, we'll be glad to help.





If you’re looking to buy something for you or a friend, take a look at our online store! Each sale brings us closer to our goal.

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