About Us

We are a feminist organization that works towards creating an environment that allows women* and adolescents to make free choices about sexuality.

We are confident that our work will directly provide them with tools, as well as generate recognition from institutions on their capacity to make autonomous decisions, always with the goal of making sexuality a pleasant experience and a source of well-being.

We use the concept of women* which encompasses people who identify themselves and/or are identified as women, which includes trans men and non-binary people.


That women* and adolescents in Mexico have full and pleasant lives with the freedom to decide how they want to develop.


Balance is a progressive feminist organization that contributes to the construction of an enabling environment for autonomous decision-making on sexuality. We contribute to the transformation of policies, programs and actions that guarantee sexual rights. We provide tools and accompaniment to women* and adolescents, to trigger processes of critical reflection recognizing sexuality as a source of well-being. We trust in the collective power to transform the context.

Our Change Theory

In our Change Theory we want a reality in which women* and adolescents enjoy sexual autonomy, in a context that enables freedom and pleasure; where sexuality is fully recognized as a source of well-being by all of society. We use the concept of sexual and reproductive justice by applying the social justice framework to sexuality and reproduction; that is, we seek concrete changes in people's lives. We want the conditions to exist so that each person can exercise his or her sexual rights to the fullest.

We recognize that people can exercise their sexuality with autonomy and freedom only when there is social justice in their context. That is why we work on policies and programs that guarantee the sexual autonomy of women* and adolescents. We work for sexual and reproductive justice in complicity with feminists in Mexico, Latin America and the world.



General Associates Assembly




  • Omecíhuatl Medal 2018, for outstanding participation in favour of women's human rights
  • NNAF Social Media Heart Award 2018, for the MARIA Fund
  • NNAF The Whole Soul Award 2016, for MARIA Fund